The New Beer Rules of Phoenix

There should be no question as to where this idea originated, but the focus is a bit different. As we mentioned in our opening post, for better or worse, Phoenix is a city like no other. Our beer culture will be different than any other classic beer town and our path to greatness will be unique.

RULE 1: Though the climate here is often unforgiving, rain shall have no role in the success or failure of a Beer Festival. We are made of heartier stuff.  We aren't wine people after all,

RULE 2: It is not a crime to have a beer during lunch. As the Phoenix beer culture grows we should see less iced tea at lunchtime at brewpubs. We need to see more beer bars open at 11AM and not 4PM.

RULE 3: Until we hear otherwise, BeerPHXation is the best local Metro Phoenix Beer Blog. Disagree? Come at me Bro! (Seriously, let us know who else is out there.)

RULE 4: We will no longer use the word "passion" when articulating a brewer's motivations. It's an overused crutch. It's is not beer's fifth ingredient. The absence or presence of it does not change what's in the glass.

RULE 5: A facebook account should not be required to drink good beer. Every business should have a website and update it as frequently as other social media or at least provide a feed via their website. Using Facebook only is as bad as restaurants having a PDF wine list and no beer list on their flash driven website.

RULE 6: Thou Shall Not Ignore The Other Non-Thursday Days of the Week for Beer Events.