So if nothing else, Rob's Ignite presentation led you here.  Thank you.
I understand that the Ignite Phoenix presentations will be up on YouTube  in a few weeks you can be sure that we will  let know when that happens. 

We've posted some information here that will get you started, but the real action we need you to take is to be a part of the conversation over the coming weeks. Let us know where you see great examples of beer culture in Phoenix and where you see missed opportunities.

We want to know the restaurants that are getting it right. We want to know the stories behind your favorite local beers.  We're always looking for things to discuss and we want to build a team of local beer insiders, so please join us.

Restaurant advice
You’re paying restaurants for a dining experience. This should extend to all facets of your meal
  • Encourage restaurants to keep their beer selection on a par with the wine and main courses.
  • Request that they post beer menus online. 
  • Ask them to recommend beers to pair with your foods.
  • Remind them that beer is a local ingredient.
Beer Advice
  • Don't pick your favorite beer and expect it to match your entree.  Select a beer that will complement your meal.
  • If you are a hophead, put down the IPA for awhile and enjoy something maltier for a change.
  • Stop drinking green bottle beer, you’re paying a premium for an average beer.


Online Resources

BJCP Style Guidelines - While this resource might be initially daunting, it does an excellent job of describing the flavors and aromas of various styles of beer and it cites commercially available examples. While we all might imagine that we know what a Deschutes Black Butte Porter is supposed to taste like, it's helpful to know that the BJCP has taken some time to write descriptors that tell us more precisely.
Robust Porter - Moderately strong malt flavor usually features a lightly burnt, black malt character (and sometimes chocolate and/or coffee flavors) with a bit of roasty dryness in the finish.
So if you were thinking of plating up a coffee crusted fillet, a Robust Porter like Black Butte might be the ticket.

Cicerone Program - The Cicerone program has been developed to promote proper treatment and serving of beer in a restaurant or bar environment. It is similar to a wine sommelier program and has three levels: Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone.

The Arizona Society of Homebrewers is a homebrew club based in the east valley of Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 1994, the club promotes homebrewing appreciation and knowledge through its monthly meetings and festivals. ASH maintains on of the best beer event calendars in the valley and they are your source for information on making your own beer.

The Best way to stay on top of the beer world in Phoenix is to follow the The Arizona Society of Homebrewers (ASH) calendar.

Social Media

Sean Z Paxton, the Homebrew Chef,  is a nationally known homebrewer and chef that has put together the largest and most anticipated beer dinners in the world. Sean also has a podcast on the Brewing Network.

World Class Beverages of Arizona has been a craft beer supporter since its inception. It leads the nation in quality beer distribution and  beer education having a number of Cicerones on it's staff. World Class Beverage has also been an big supporter of the homebrewing movement.

Arizona Girls Pint Out is one of the best new things to happen to Phoenix Beer Culture. Maureen Basenberg leads fun and educational events about craft beer backed by an Army of female beer enthusiasts. Look out boys, these girls know their stuff and they'll be more than happy to show you up when it comes to beer knowledge and appreciation.