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Beer PHXation is a group of beer enthusiasts and homebrewers who write about Phoenix beer culture. We cover diverse topics from beer bar and brewery reviews, events, beer & food, and interviews with people in the local craft beer scene.


Rob Fullmer
Rob has been brewing beer for over 10 years and is well-known for hopping flights for beer fests and brewouts. Rob's travels have brought him to Belgium, Germany, the UK and 8 of the 10 Top US Beer Cities. Among Rob's homebrewing accolades are winning the 2009 Papago GABF Pro-Am competition and a Best of Show in the 2009 Las Vegas Winterfest. Rob is currently a moderator at Homebrewtalk.com, President of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers and a recognized BJCP beer judge. Rob contributes to Downtown Phoenix Journal and Food and Flourish Magazine.

David Schollmeyer
David has been a craft beer enthusiast since the early 2000's and has been homebrewing since early 2006. He has won multiple awards including the 2008 & 2010 Papago GABF Pro-Am competition and 2008 ASH Homebrewer of the Year and has trained at the Siebel Advanced Homebrewing course in Durango, Colorado. David has served for 2 years as a board member of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers and is a Certified BJCP beer judge. His favorite beer is the one in front of him, especially if it is a porter, stout, Belgian strong ale, or IPA.


Ben Norris
Ben gained his appreciation for craft beer in 2006 during frigid winter walks from NAU to Flagstaff Brewing Company, where the bartenders were friendly enough to explain the difference between an imperial stout and an IPA. He has been homebrewing a little over two years and joined the Arizona Society of Homebrewers in January. By day, Ben is an online copywriter and a stringer for the Agence France Presse.

Bethany Helvie
Bethany is an Arizona native and therefore a bola-tie aficionado. (Yes, it must include turquoise. No, it can never be too big). She lives in Phoenix with her boyfriend and their delicious, organic garden. A graduate of Arizona State University, Bethany is well-versed in all types of beer, but prefers those made locally, with love and a little bit of magic.

Corey Rial
Corey is a musician in aggressive rock bands and purveyor of all things DIY. When he isn't performing/wasting time with his bands, he is an amateur horticulturalist and home brewer (an on/off decade of success and failure). He divides his time between his family, his day job and ardent support of independent and local centric business/community/ethos. He is currently watering his garden and drinking a pale ale.

Mike Lauersdorf
Mike has been a craft beer connoisseur since the early 2000's, and loves to talk about beer, write about beer, drink beer...you get the idea. When traveling, Mike would be remiss if he didn't seek out the best beer shops and bars around town. And he's known to often hit the maximum weight limit when checking in ale-loaded bags from afar. You could consider Mike's palate adventerous, so intense sours, IPAs, rich stouts  (I'm looking at you, CCB Marshal Zhukov's), hell, even hefeweizens, tickle his tastebuds. In honor of his Irish and German heritage, slainte and prost!

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