May 7, 2014

Breweries Go to Bat for the Boys & Girls Clubs

Five Arizona breweries are joining forces during American Craft Beer Week, May 12-18, to raise awareness and money for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the East Valley. 

The five breweries, Arizona Wilderness, Desert Eagle, Huss, SanTan and The Perch, have set a personal goal of collectively selling 10,000 pints of beer during Craft Beer Week. That's a whole lot of glasses to wash, but it'll be worth it because the breweries will donate $1,000 combined regardless if their goal is met.

"Breweries are supported by their communities; they're an extension of the people who support them. The Boys & Girls Clubs represent the community and their efforts change the lives of the children that will one day be the leaders of our communities," said Jonathan Buford, owner and brewer at Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Jonathan's on to something here, as the Boys & Girls Clubs are instrumental in providing productive after-school activities in many Arizona communities. It's a welcome alternative to other after-school dangers, and helps kids build character, self-esteem, values and crucial skills. 

So how about it, 'Zonies — pop by one or all of the participating breweries and raise a glass to Arizona craft beer, community and philanthropy.

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