March 13, 2014

Who's Driving Your Plane?

If you're in with the faces and their getaway places
'Cause they don't take no notice of you
Well, the trendy pace-setters will just called you a pain
'Cause I want to know, who's driving your plane
- Keef and Mick

Earlier today I posted that in MI, there is a bill that passed that will increase Michigan's brewery cap. It will allow breweries there to brew up to 60,000 barrels (it's 40,000 in AZ). Michigan has a great local beer industry and it's recognized nationally for that. It will be hosting the 2014 NHC. It has beer bars and breweries that are regarded as world class. They seem to know where they are as a community. They seem pulled together behind their local movement.

Next we have a bill from FL. It also has some great breweries and beer establishments, but it is far from where it would like to be. In that way, they are like us. Florida is also the place where they had Cigar City incident. I won't get into specifics. It was a local brewery, however, that brewery and their fans had a disconnect. There was unmet expectation. Anger. Accusations.
People there believed in the Sam Calagione 99% asshole free statistic. Joey Redner owner of CCB made reference to the 99%. He said that he might have rethink it, He was quoted as saying that now he feels like there are more assholes out there. It's either that or they let the 1% run the show.
There is a bill in Florida that seeks to cripple breweries by eliminating their tasting rooms. This bill will put people out of jobs and kill any of the gains that nascent but thriving craft industry has built. How could their engaged fans and the craft breweries stand for such a thing? Is their eye not on the ball? Are they engaged in things that, on the surface, scream craft beer culture but are not where their heads need to be?
We're often compared to FL when it comes to crazy laws. Are we that crazy here? Could that happen here. Who would do that?
Only if we let them.
Them and all of us.

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