May 23, 2013

The Blast and the Beerious | Guest Tapping at Sleepy Dog Pub and Bistro

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am joining the beer pouring circus again tonight at the Sleepy Dog Pub and Bistro in THE GILBERT, home of beer fearing politician and AZ State Senate President, Andy Biggs. You may have seen my other pouring events documented here and here. No fancy photoshop this time, but the theme is Matt Weber's favorite movie franchise the Fast and the Furious!


I know what you are thinking. "Butthole" does sound disparaging, but note the British spelling of theater as theatre. We are looking at a fan of the stage here and of course butthole doth disparage the grand proscenium. Matt is playing the thespian in the tradition of Vin Diesel and The Rock. He hath pulled the wool over mine own eyes and yours too! He loves that flick!

Come on down and let's talk Fast and Furious. Our cast tonight:
  • Me as Vin Diesel.
  • ASHer Greg "Happy Hour Guy" Garcia as The Rock.
  • James Swann as an explosion.
  • Hop Head Fred as another explosion in slow motion.
  • Matt Weber as The love interest.
  • Jeff Prior as Another love interest.
  • Sleepy Dog's Belgian Trippel as a car that we all desire.
  • Firestone Walker Wookie Jack as a black car we all desire.

As per tradition I will be driving in late across the entire freaking valley and I will limit my glassware breakage to 1 pint glass.

Sleepy Dog Pub & Bistro
1451 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295
Phone:(480) 963-1805

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