April 29, 2013

Rock Bands, Taxis and the Three Fates

It turns out there is a shortage of cool rock band names according to the Wall Street Journal. It seems hard to comprehend until the facts are laid out. Think of all the commercially successful bands that you liked and wrote on your Trapper-Keeper. Now add the horribly short window of your reign of coolness. Think of all the DJs, YouTubers, Guitar Heroes and Karaoke "stars" too that now get online and publish to My Space and Apple Garageband.

Some stats:
  • A company called Rovi tracks about 1.4 Million artists names;
  • Rovi adds an average of 6,521 new names a month; 
  • Top band variant names are Bliss (keep this one in mind), Mirage, Gemini, Legacy, Paradox and Rain.
Money quotes:
"Every other name is taken," Mr. Jones explains. "Think of a great band name and Google it, and you'll find a French-Canadian jam band with a MySpace page."
The available supply of punchy one- or two-word band names is dwindling. So, many acts are resorting to the unwieldy or nonsensical.
Among more than 1,900 acts expected in March at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, are bands with the names And So I Watch You From Afar, and Everybody Was In the French Resistance...Now! The f-word is part of 100 band names in a media database maintained by Gracenote, a unit of Sony Corp. that licenses digital entertainment technology.
It's a real problem with C&D's and legal challenges coming from big companies as well as competing bands both new and old.

Scottsdale Fate
Is there reason for the beer world to take caution? With 2500 or so breweries and 1000's more in planning it seems like there is plenty of room for creativity. The Brewery Collectibles Club of America tracks 2250 or so US breweries. BeerMe lists 14,157 breweries and 41,753 beers. There are also untold thousands of homebrewers bandying about their monikers on bottles and online. So why is it then, that we have a Fate Brewing Co here in Scottsdale and there is also one in Boulder? The beer world is starting to see C&D letters from other industries. Who can forget the Monster / Vermonster controversy? Or the Santan / Sam Adams glassware bout? Will we see brewery names like strongly encrypted passwords or long phrases like those at South by Southwest?

Imagine 1337@l3Wl_lrk5 or Tortoise Brand Pot Scrubbing Cleaner's Brewing or some phrase from Ipsum Lorem Brewing. Maybe we should ask taxi drivers. From the WSJ article.
Boulder Fate
"A band name should pass the taxi-driver test: You shouldn't have to tell him twice"
Speaking of taxi cab driver advice, Stan Hieronymus re-tweeted some craft beer advice from ESPN's Darren Rovell.
Fate No More
If I'm cabbing in Phoenix, it's generally the "to home" leg. It would be uncommon for me to catch a lift from the Sky Harbor airport and say, "To Fate". Phoenix isn't much of a cab town, so I'm curious if I'd end up in Scottsdale, back at passenger departures or at Bliss at what was once formerly Johnny Chu's Fate.


  1. Surprised you didn't mention the Marble Brewing dispute, it was over naming and they were many states separated. Definitely some confusing ones out there already. Left, North and Lost "Coast", then Left Hand. Sure I'm missing something!

  2. That darn San Adams. Why do you torture me so?!?