February 28, 2013

The A(le) Team - Pouring Tonight at Lucky Break

I've pretty much run out of ideas. Proof below.

James Swann and I have guest-tended at Boulders on Broadway, later we added Hophead Fred and did a shift at Hungry Monk. I dubbed us the Three Card Monte, as we had a  President (me), a King (Swann) or a Jester (HHF). We're back tonight at Lucky Break this time with a fourth--Oskar Blues Western Region Rep, Marcus DeGroff.

I'm going with The Ale Team!

On tap tonight will be some treats from Oskar Blues. I understand there is a impromptu 9-ball tourney in the making. There is also a line on the number of glasses I will break. For those keeping track, I've created this handy graph detailing my amateur tending fumbles.
ASH Treasurer, Christian Chandler will be on hand to get those last minute memberships before the ASH Springfest (happening this Saturday) I imagine that he will also take action on that glassware wager.

Now who is who in this A(le) Team thing?
I know it's not fair, because there are a few clear choices here and a fuzzy one or two.
  • Without a doubt, Face is Marcus. He is the prettiest one of the bunch.
  • Hop Head Fred is Murdock. There is no questioning that.
And on to the fuzzy. That leaves Hannibal with the person with the highest rank of office (me) over our ASH VP James. Plus, he has a thing for spelling my last name with one 'L'. 

You can call James Mr Tea if that helps

Thursday, Feb 28th 6-9PM
Lucky Break 
807 E Baseline Rd #101,
Tempe, AZ 85283

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  1. What a shit hole, Lucky Break.