February 19, 2013

Take Back the Night

Say my name, say my name.
We have a problem here in the Arizona beer scene. It's a simple and annoying phenomenon. I can't think of the word for it. It's when people (repeatedly) add an necessary word to something? You know, like:
  • Xerox copy machine
  • Superbowl Football game
  • Bud Light Light Beer
It's similar but not the same as RAS syndrome... you know PIN Number, ATM Machine.
The closest thing I could come up with is an overlapping semantic pleonasm wherein a word's semantic component is subsumed by another. 

What the Hell am I talking about?

The organization is called: ARIZONA GIRLS PINT OUT.
There is no NIGHT in their name. Never has been. Why do people keep adding it?
You people keep screwing it up so much that even google thinks you're right.

With apologies from me to you, Arizona Girls Pint Out, I'm making up a word for your situation.
Pintmanteau - Not to be confused with portmanteau, a Pintmanteau is the addition of a word or words that were never intended to be there. "Pint" is derived from Girls Pint Out. "Man" is rooted in, "Man how do people keep making this mistake?" Finally the Frenchy, "Teau" signifies a spitting in your direction for screwing this up.

Cheers. I'm glad we fixed that.

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