December 22, 2012

Two Ounce Culture

I often ask my beer friends and those that claim an allegiance to a beer culture they seem to think exists only in sampling form, "What was the last beer that you remember having three in a row of."  I can tell you my last four of three. It was New Belgium La Folie, Four Peaks KiltLifter, Four Peaks Eight Street and Coors Banquet. Not tasters mind you but, full pours-- as the brewer intended.

Tonight, there is a certain Berliner Weiss that I'd like to think that I'd have three of if my circumstances permitted. I'd like to remind those that have the opportunity of this quote that I read via Andrew Sullivan on consumable culture. 

These days, the shorter a book is, the more likely I am to read it. The prospect of being finished with something, soon, is enticing. I am always eager to be moving on to what’s next—the next book, the next film, the next performance. I feel "the dread of not getting out / Before having seen the whole collection." The thought of spending a month, or several months, with a single work—a "The Magic Mountain" or an "In Search of Lost Time"—is somehow enervating.
Of course, there is a pernicious logic at work here. Why read a long novel when you can read a short one? Why read a short novel when you can watch a movie? Why watch a movie when you can watch a TV show? Why watch a TV when you catch a minute-long video of a kitten and a puppy cuddling on YouTube? As soon as we start to think of art simply as something to be consumed, discarded, and replaced, we rob it of one of its greatest powers: its capacity to free us from the grip of easier but shallower pleasures. Source.
To those drinking 2 ounces at a time and checking into Untaped tonight, by all means, don't read the New Yorker piece...maybe a local brewer will explain this to you someday.

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  1. I actually drink beer in two contexts: one as the beer blogger/beer geek, one as a beer drinker out with friends. In the second case, I often stick with what I'm drinking. When I go over to someone's house to watch the Blazers or hang in the back yard, I actually prefer uncomplicated drinking. Actually, I prefer it all the time--but beer bloggers need to keep abreast of things.

    Nice post.