November 2, 2012

The Session #69 | The Perfect Beer World

The Session #69 brings us meta-questions on the Perfect Beer World. It appears to be a topic that the Session regulars are finding difficult to work with.

The Perfect Beer World? We are probably in it.

It's true that there are problems. Beer is still struggling for acceptance and there are regulatory concerns. Carlos Brito does not have your beer drinking interests at heart. James Bond drinks Heineken. We can't define craft beer because some of it sucks. We can't agree on the Shaker "pint".

We live in a world where there are more and more and more beer choices, perhaps more choices than at anytime in history and yet we can't stop complaining about it.
I'm guilty of it. Our mission here:
A local Phoenix Metro beer culture celebration and admonition.
I would say, I spend 60% of my blog time on the admonition and 40% of it on the celebration. The Perfect Beer World exists where the good ideas; the good beers; the good breweries still need plenty of hard work to get things done. We want that struggle. We need that struggle.

Consider that in a perfect beer world there would be no beer spoiling agents. But then we would probably have not needed hops or alcohol. We would not have wild ales or perfectly oxidized old ales. I want my hops and alcohol. I want flaws. I want inconsistencies.

Anything is possible in the beer world that we live in right now. Anything worth having.

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