November 20, 2012

Honey, I Had an Affair Last Week

No, not that kind of an affair. I had a date with one of Arizona's, perhaps the country's, most anticipated beer events of the year, the Beer for Brains Foundation's RAREaffair. Going to this choice charity soiree was a no-brainer.

Because two brains are better than one
This year's Affair boldly went where no beer has gone before — the Arizona Science Center. A Light Rail-friendly location, ideal for those who imbibed a bit much, the AZSC was a superb venue choice. The first few floors were wide open and featured interactive exhibits, live music, airbrush artist painting (see pic at right), sweet and savory noshes from more than a dozen restaurants and, of course, a plethora of palate-pleasing brews, spirits and wines. And since this is a beer-focused blog, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of the standout brews.

  • BJ's Whiskey Barrel-Aged Tatonka Stout (my fave of the night — awesome, Mr. Osborne)
  • Oskar Blues Barrel-Aged G'Night
  • Bell's Roundhouse Rye IPA
  • Ska On the Sly Again
  • Lost Abbey Framboise de Amorosa
  • Crispin Bird on a Wire
  • College Street Chocolate Stout
  • Four Peaks Barrel-Aged Sirius Black
  • Deschutes 2011 Abyss
  • Left Hand Ambidexterous Ale II

Head brainiac, Louis Dolgoff
But let us not forget the real reason why this event even happens in the first place — to unite as one and help battle brain cancer. We stand with "Dogfish" Louis Dolgoff, head brainiac at the Beer for Brains Foundation, as he works tirelessly to rid the world of the disease that took his wife, Laurie. Lou's vast knowledge of fine ales, food and promotional events is the perfect platform for various fundraising events throughout the Valley. If you haven't been to one, you might want to get your brain checked.

Wanna get involved? Visit the Beer for Brains Foundation online to learn about upcoming events, shop merchandise, donate money, volunteer your time and more. And don't forget to give a big thumbs up to the BFBF's Facebook page.

I'd like to leave you with a quote from our fearless leader, Mr. Rob Fullmer, who sums it up perfectly: "We're lucky to have (the RAREaffair). We're unlucky that it even exists at all." Word, Rob.

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