October 1, 2012

Come in Here, Dear Boy, Have a Cigar. You're Gonna Go Far.

World Class Beverages will have a special release party on October 4th at Papago Brewing. It will feature a out-of-state-brewery that will soon begin distribution in Arizona. It was a "stone cold lead pipe locked secret" at the beginning of September. I was asked to write about the release, but was told to embargo the story until at least October 2nd or 3rd.

It's a cool promotional idea and fairly unique. I can't remember when the last secret release was. One of the more interesting aspects to me is how long the secret can be kept. I even had our own Mike Lauersdorf grill a particular bar owner about it and that individual did not reveal a single detail.

On September 14th, the World Class Beverages Arizona Facebook page began putting out hints.

A confidently posted answer appeared on September 21. Was it a guess? Or was this someone who heard through other means? I don't know.

Over the next few days, people began to answer in poorly constructed hints or just flat out identified the brewery. A good percentage of those people, I'm surmising, were told about the answer and could not resist in letting people know that they are in the know.

If you're one of those people, shut it. You deserve a Cigar, the exploding kind.

Be a little more clever. For example, if the brewery in question were Dogfish Head don't answer, "Gee, me and the DOG can't wrap our HEADs around that one. It's as slippery as a FISH." You would be an idiot. You may as well have typed out the answer. In fact, in this day and age of Google, you couldn't even use the Latin species name, Squalus acanthias.

You see, "IT IS NOT CIGAR CITY!" You see what I did with the title and all. That's what you did. Except you told people the answer. I did not!

With that. Here are my hints.

  • I haven't had the brewery's beer in a number of years. It will be fun to taste them again and project whether they will have any impact here in Arizona. Which beer does this knock off?
  • It's not one of the top requested breweries that people ask me about, but it is one that east coast transplants ask about.
  • Their twitter account is more of a fortune cookie than a relevant source of information.
Answer for those not on Facebook tomorrow or the next day. I will honor the embargo, because I think this is a fun promotion and I don't want to spoil it.

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