September 5, 2012

The War on Thursday II | This Time It's Personal

Well, not really that personal. There are some fine events once again on Thursday (Sept 6) and though I am involved in one of them, I was not the one that planned it. I would have had it on Wednesday.

Let's start with the Hungry Monk tapping of the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp offering - ApriQuat. Publican's Jim Lolli of the Monk and (King) James Swann of Whole Foods Chandler were on the team that brewed ApriQuat along with members of the the famous Hamilton's Tavern in San Diego. If my mental notes are correct, James was the recipe writer. 

ApriQuat is a contraction of apricots and kumquats, two of the ingredients that comprise the 5.4% ABV, 31 IBU Citra hopped ale. It's been tapped in San Diego at Hamilton's but I've yet to see any tasting notes save this

My role is merely a bar tending hanger-on. I compete a Three Card Monte wherein you could be served by a President (me), a King (Swann) or a Jester (HopHead Fred).

Equally worthy of your Thursday time and dollars are the following events at Papago Brewing and Taste of Tops. The Jewbelation Quinceanera® at Papago Brewing brings friend of the blog, Zak Davis to the valley to deliver on a long promised one off conceived at Papago in 2009:
For Shmaltz's 15th anniversary, they should release a special tequila barrel-aged version of Jewbelation 15® and call it Jewbelation Quinceanera®. Well 3 years later (yes - a little late), he will be tapping one of just ten kegs of this super special brew in the place where it all began... Jewbelation Quinceanera® - a 15% ABV 15th Anniversary Strong Ale aged in Siembra Azul premium tequila barrels.
How this pairs with Leah Huss' Spinach and Artichoke dip (featured recently in the Arizona Republic) is anyone's guess right now. I will offer a free beer to the first person that writes 5 lines in the comment section on this pairing.

Finally, there is the Sour Soiree going on at Taste of Tops. If a picture is worth 1000 words then these words will be uttered through puckered lips!

Your best choice here? I'd have to say stick to your neighborhood and drive safely.

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