August 17, 2012

Remixing the King of Pop(ped corks) - Michael Jackson | Need Your Help!

This week I happened upon the Julia Child PBS remix. Julia would have been 100 on August 15.

The video is an auto-tune creation by melodysheep, aka John D. Boswell. PBS also did remixes for Mr Rodgers and he-of-happy-little-trees painting host Bob Ross.

These creations made me wonder if we could enlist someone on the inter-tubes to do such a thing for Michael Jackson. It would be a great way to introduce new beer drinkers to the man credited with documenting leading the international and craft beer renaissance of the 70's and 80's. These auto-tune mixes seem to surface every week or so now. Why not Michael?

This clip alone has many of the familiar elements of the PBS remixes.

"My name is Michael Jackson, but I don't sing."
"I drink beer. That's what I do for a living."
"I travel the world, sampling beers and writing about the ones I enjoyed."

"We'll go Beer Hunting in Bohemia, Bavaria, Brabant, Britain and the Bay area of San Francisco."

Corks popping, bottles glugging, English brass interstitial flourishes and of course the majestic opening sequence with the quirky klezmer clarinet break.

Part two details the lambic brewing process.

It's all there creative types. Maybe pass this on.
You have to admit. it might be fun.

Can we do that?

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