August 20, 2012

Flanny's Flaunts Tap Takeover Muscles

That headline would have been worded differently after last month's Four Peaks tap takeover. It may have said something like, "Flanny's Flummoxed After Four Peaks Tap Takeover."

Now, now, before the Flanny's fanatics come crashing down on me, I'd like to note that last month's Four Peaks tap takeover was a success on many levels – super-rare beers, super-big crowd, always-nice beer folk. It's obvious Arizonans love their flagship brewery. Unfortunately, the elbow-room-only crowd killed a few of those rare beer kegs faster than our server could get the beers to our table. Suppose I could have just bellied up to the bar instead, but one would think preordering the brews before the kegs were tapped would guarantee us said rare beers. Guess not. Bitter beer face indeed. 

L to R: Deliverance, Mo Betta Bretta,
Cuvee de Tomme, Red Poppy
Fast forward a month later to the next tap takeover: Port / Lost Abbey. I was pretty determined to miss this after the Four Peaks event, but my love for both Lost Abbey and Flanny's persuaded me to give it another go. And, boy, am I glad I did. Not only did we see some Lost Abbey beers rarely or never seen on tap here in the Valley (Cuvee de Tomme, anyone?), but the crowd size was much more manageable and there was plenty of staff on hand to help patrons in a timely manner – a vast improvement over previous tap takeovers. Oh, and another cool thing: the young lady sitting to my right had a Budweiser bottle in front of her (shudder). But, after a few minutes of banter, Bud girl replaced that bogus bottle with a tulip of Serpent's Stout. Ah, the power of beer-suasion.

What the Flanagans have done for the East Valley beer scene, hell, the Arizona beer scene, is impressive. From cask nights to these extremely popular tap takeovers, it's safe to say John and John have tickled the tastebuds of AZ beer drinkers everywhere. Now, if they could just get Firestone-Walker onboard for a tap takeover. Oh, wait... 


  1. I had a chance to talk with John Sr. at Flanny's during the Lost Abbey/ Port takeover and he said they added an additional POS terminal to help servers order beers faster, staffed more bartenders and servers and overall are listening to their customers about how to make the takeovers better.

    I was extremely impressed with the Lost Abbey/Port Brewing takeover after how busy the Four Peaks takeover was. Flanny's is getting better every month and I commend them for their efforts because it shows how much they care about beer and the community.

  2. 100% agree Flanny's is getting better, Billy. I hope my post didn't come off as too harsh, but I felt compelled to tell it like it is. But very happy how the LA/Port throwdown went over, and will definitely return for the next one.