August 30, 2012

A Growl. A Map. A Plan?

Yesterday, I mentioned Jess Harter's East Valley Growler Guide as well as Shannon Armour's New Time List. I then issued a challenge to the industry to provide comprehensive information on growler locations, event listings and a framework to create an independently edited Arizona Beer Portal.

This morning I was please to find this response from Chuck Noll.

View Growler Filling Locations in a larger map

It's a Growler Location Map of bar and store accounts that World Class Beverages put together. It's open source right now, I'm not sure if that's by design or not. It's a start and I'd like to take credit for getting the ball rolling, alas, we're looking at mere coincidence based upon the map's edit times. Work began on this at least 12 hours before my post.

It's a work in progress. Breweries aren't listed as of yet. I look at this as like minds thinking alike. It's a good sign.  

But back to the big picture. Arizona breweries have the Arizona Craft Brewers Guild and the Arizona beer distributors have the Beer and Wine Distributors of Arizona as trade organizations that represent their interests. Would it be possible for these entities to support a highly filterable single web source of the best beer events, locations, calendars and news? Are they capable of setting self-interest aside? Would they enlist independent editors and allow the consumer to select the information that's relevant to them.

This doesn't have to be all about Craft Beer if there are filters in place to allow people to subscribe to the information they desire. 
  • Would you like to know about any event in your zip code? Done. Can we add that to your calendar?
  • What if you wanted to be notified of pint glass giveaways? Sure. In fact, here's a map.
  • Care to know what  the next Bud citrifed product is? You got it. Can we text you?
If there is money out there in the beer world to do the type of advertising I see for every barrio liquor store in my neighborhood, (the entire inside and outside of the store are wrapped in product signage) then there is money for this project.

Our craft beers are distributed by some of the very same companies that are able employ people like Jay-Z who oddly talks about a mashable creative music scene based on our rich American musical heritage. In the same instance, he is also pushing industrial light lager--a product that represents the usurpation of robust beer styles into a homogenized and hegemonic industrial commodity. It's jarring to my soul.

I'll be clear. This is a big money proposition and there undoubtedly is some legal wrangling involved. It's nothing that couldn't be solved by a 501c(3) and the expertise of lawyers and accountants that I'm sure might already be on the payroll.

Does the industry have the will to pull this off?
As consumers, can we compel them?


  1. Http:// I try and keep up to date on all the Valley beer happenings, though I will say, it's not easy. however, I am surprised that YOU haven't heard of it, but... maybe it's not on your radar. I'm a quiet guy.

  2. Nope Andrew. I mentioned you guys in June.

    It's a bigger task than a two person operation and frankly, the industry needs to stand up.