July 30, 2012

Year Three

Our preferred Birthday Cake if anyone is willing!
http://beerfordessert.com/  see below. 
It went unnoticed by our PR firm and the entire home office, but our little blog turned 2 this month.

As with our last anniversary, I paid the domain bill, reviewed the New Beer Rules of Phoenix and re-read our first post.

We're on uncharted ground here as I explained in a piece about local beer blogging. It seems as most local beer blogs don't make it more than 18 months before people throw in the towel. Life happens. People get tired of writing beer reviews when Ratebeer and Beer Advocate own that market. The number of beer events has increased but our coverage and calendaring of them has not kept pace.

I still think that we're the best beer blog in the city, but we came here to get out of everyone's way.

We'll write the opinions. We'll highlight the best. We'll be critical. We'll ask the questions. We'll offer perspective and analyze trends. We will tell the stories that won't otherwise be told. We will tell people what needs to happen in this city until the real experts find us and tell us we're idiots. They will tell us we're wrong and we will learn from them. I know. It seems like an arrogant and egotistical premise.
I thought I'd start off year three with a mention of some new voices or at least ones not previously mentioned in this forum.

AZ Beer Calendar
Andrew Bauman and Tim Weeble have been managing AZ Beer Calendar. It's bare bones and functional, much like the one on ASH's left navigation calendar. Someday perhaps they can evolve it toward what Jess Harter has done at Mouth by Southwest. Andrew writes at a number of places and seems to start a new blog every week. Until I can figure out what he's up to next, pin him down at one of his homebrewing blogs here.

The Beer Czar
Not a new voice, just one that was not on my radar until mid-2011. The Beer Czar started in 2009 but had less than a handful of posts in 2010. The blogger with a Michigan connection seems to be on a regular once a week schedule now mixing beer travelogue, tips and reviews for those newer to the beer hobby. I'm guessing that offspring #3 was in 2010. Glad to see new posts this month!

Cold, Hard Brews
I met this team of bloggers the other night at Whole Foods during the Odell Beer Class. They describe themselves as new to craft beer and hope to get new folks tasting and involved in the scene. They got high praise from the folks at the Flagstaff Ale Trail. Let's hope that they can find an audience and a voice.

The Saint Arnolds Society
I'll admit to being in the dark about TSAS. They are clearly homebrewers in ASH and have linked back to BeerPHXation, but their identity remains a secret to me. Seems like the focus is getting small groups together and network. I'd love to see them at the Rose and Crown before the Science of Beer event, but I'll be out of state. I find that they have a clean economical and frequent post structure, I just wish I could subscribe via vss and it wasn't so hard to deep link to them.

Beer for Dessert
What birthday would be complete without cake and this kind of chocolate cake is my favorite. I'm going to guess that Bri found our blog on a visit home from the PacNW. Beer for Dessert provides a link back to us and so I'm hoping that our appropriation of her cake pic will be OK. Please let me know if you tackle one of her recipies, I'll be right over.

Finally, I'd like to mention A Fool and His Beers who hails from Kingman. When you stop feeling sorry about the fact that we only get 5 or 6 thousand beers here in Phoenix, think about what life would be like if you main source of local beer was the Hualapai Mountain Kwik Stop. It sounds like it might be a great place and have a responsive staff, but here in Phoenix, some of us "beer geeks" like to beat our retailers and breweries up over a buck.


Fool, (aka. The Mysterious Writer of this blog) even likes to gently poke me about my beer rules and that's an OK rule in my book.

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