July 9, 2012

Where in the Phoenix Beer World?

Do you know where in the beer world this photo was taken? How does it relate to Arizona beer?
The concept is simple. We post a picture that is relevant to the Phoenix area beer scene and you try and identify it. Sometimes there will be a larger story involved, but often there will not. So, for glory and a tip of the glass next time we see you. Please, no social media cheating!

In this instance, tell us precisely where this picture was taken.

We've also had no guesses on this photo. No guesses on this one either.
You're slacking Phoenix. We love you, but you have to get better at this beer drinking thing.

Answer after the jump.

According to Ed Sipos of BrewingArizona:
The Arizona Brewing Company was founded as a closed corporation on May 6, 1933 by two brothers, Martin and Herman Fenster. Their brewery would be at 1143-1153 E. Madison Street in Phoenix, Arizona, with 34,000 square feet of floor space, and feature copper products in its equipment.  Source.

 Corporate breweries eventually overtook the Arizona Brewing Company: Carling in 1964, National in 1966, the merging of Carling-National in 1974, and ultimately G. Heileman in 1979.  Yet, throughout each change, its workers, who referred to themselves as the “A-1 Family,” remained relatively intact. The brewery’s closing in 1985 brought an end to the most prolific brewery ever to operate in the state.
You can, however, still see the logo outside the door of the Phoenix Fire Department headquarters at 12th and Madison streets, the original location of the brewery. There is a security guard there that will happily show you where it is.

Source:  Kingman Daily Miner - Dec 4, 1974

A-1 was neither the first nor the oldest. Perhaps the first remembered post-prohibition brewery or the first modern lager brewery is a more arguable point. The Thalheimer brothers had a Phoenix lager brewery in the 1880's. By 1890 it was closed.

Nice guesses Tim and Rudy.

Rudy, your post was lost, I'm afraid.


  1. That photo was taken at the Phoenix Fire Department HQ at Madison and 12th. That is the logo for A-1 beer - Arizona's first commercially sold beer from our state's oldest brewery, the Arizona Brewing Company; which used to be located where the fire department is now.

    Tim W.

  2. There is a sign like that in Prescott . Above the palace

    Rob will know who I am.

  3. Tiberius:


  4. Arizona wasn't a state until 1912 - it was a territory! that being said, breweries like Bisbee's would have predated it once they were grandfathered into statehood. I should have said that A-1 was the first nationally distributed beer from Arizona.


  5. Arizona based on the Native American word, Arizuma was not a word until.... fuck it.