July 26, 2012

One Party System | New Times Limits Beer Vote

It was pointed out to me today by ASH Communications Officer, Tom Boggan that the New Times Reader's Poll dropped the ability to vote for Best Local Beer. This was an option last year. The only remaining beer related category is Best Brewery. He also mentioned that we've reached a point where we really should have a Best Beer Bar category. I completely agree.

A quick run through of the poll reveals that the write in category is gone from year's past. (This means that you can't write this blog in for Best Beer Blog--the outrage!)

Clearly there needs to be more beer categories as the Readers Poll of 2011 demonstrates. Breweries took 6 categories last year, some in non-beer specific areas

Brewery Specific

Best Brewery: Four Peaks Brewing Company
Best Local Beer: Four Peaks Brewing Company

Non Brewery Specific

Best Gastropub: Four Peaks Brewing Company
Best Happy Hour, Tempe: Four Peaks Brewing Company
Best Sports Bar, Tempe: Four Peaks Brewing Company
Best Neighborhood Bar, Southeast Valley: SanTan Brewing Company

One hopes that the editors will add these categories and fill them in with sensible choices. It's already an opportunity lost for voters.

Reader's polls are not something that we'd be interested in here. Without trying very hard, I can think of at least a half dozen local beer awards that also have mainstream cross-over appeal. ASH seems like it is an informed and unbiased bunch. Perhaps I will see of they are up to the task.

* I should disclaim to all readers that are not my mother, that I serve as the ASH President.

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