June 12, 2012

Corey's Flagship Beer Day Post | SanTan Devils Ale

BeerPHXation regular contributor, Corey Rial, brings us his Flagship Beer Day Post.

If you write a blog, we ask that you devote some time to writing about a flagship beer in your area. If you're just a reader, we encourage you to re-visit some flagships with a presumably more experienced palate. Encourage other bloggers to explore this idea and, of course, comment it up at the blog or social media outlet of choice.

SanTan Devils Ale, the flagship beer from Chandler's own SanTan Brewing, is rising up anywhere and everywhere. It's ever present locally, and if you're following SanTan's Facebook and Twitter, you can see them taking this ale on a cross-country trip.

What SanTan is doing with this bitter (in a good way) West Coast American Pale Ale is giving it an Arizona identity. The beer, formerly known as Sun Devil Ale, is packaged in cans (all the rage), cartoned in Variety 12 packs and trucked to as many outlets as possible.

Much like New Belgium, you could ask a lay person about Fat Tire and they usually won't identify it with New Belgium Brewery. They know it as Fat Tire. I have similar experiences with people talking about Devils Ale. When I mention SanTan, I get blank stares. It's as if I am talking about an autoplex off the side of the freeway in the east valley.

A flagship beer should be the work horse you strap all your company's hopes and dreams to and let it carry you to where ever your heading. And Devils Ale does this. This beer could (and arguably does) make waves outside of Arizona. This is exactly what a flagship beer should do.

Look at Dogfish Head, could they make the "bizarre" beers they are focusing on now if 60 minute IPA didn't carry the load? Absolutely not.

So here's a cracked open can of Devils Ale to you, SanTan.

Raise your flag high.


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