June 15, 2012

Ben's Flagship Beer Day Post | KiltLifter

Friday's Flagship Beer Day Post is the debut of BeerPhxation writer, Ben Norris. Ben recounts the incongruity of dry heat, fog and malt from his first sip of Kilt Lifter to the present where it remains a cool and gentle breeze on his palate.
If you write a blog, we ask that you devote some time to writing about a flagship beer in your area. If you're just a reader, we encourage you to re-visit some flagships with a presumably more experienced palate. Encourage other bloggers to explore this idea and, of course, comment it up at the blog or social media outlet of choice.
Typically, I think of a Scottish-style beer as the perfect remedy for freezing your ass off. Give me a cold night, a bonfire, some friends and a bottle of Kilt Lifter - I’m pretty much good to go.

This wasn't the case when I had my first Four Peaks Kilt Lifter. I was inside Nita’s Hideaway (back when it was still around) at a packed show and the sheer volume of sweaty dudes created a kind of torturous and putrid fog.

Not the ideal conditions to appreciate the nuances and complexities of an expertly designed craft beer. But it was cool, because I didn’t know what the hell a craft beer was anyway. And if I can fall in love with a beer under those conditions, it definitely deserves my recommendation.

Like so many Arizonans, Kilt Lifter was my real introduction to craft beer. Now that I know a little more about how to tell the difference between a lager and an ale, and what beers are better during certain seasons - it gives me a whole new respect for the top selling, locally produced beer.
Kiltlifter - photo courtesy of brewmmania.org
Four Peaks must be one of the only breweries in the country with a Scottish-style flagship beer (feel free to fill me in on the others, if you know of any). And, it’s made right here in Arizona, which means on any given 110-degree day, someone out there is swilling a nice deep copper pint of Kilt Lifter.

Why not? It’s a great beer. And Four Peaks is standing by their flagship in a world where so many people just want to get their palates wrecked by a massive IPA (myself included).

Well, IPAs are trendy as hell. They are the iPads of beer. So break away from the pack this weekend and enjoy a nice big Scottish-style ale in 100-plus degree weather. You surely won’t regret it.

Oh, and if you’re into eloquent descriptions of burnt, toasty, malty goodness, read more about this beer on the Four Peaks blog.


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