May 23, 2012

Mystery, Mischief and Kickfinishing

There has to be a word for it. I'm at a loss. I know and banter with Erik Lars Myers @topfermented via twitter. I've clinked glasses with him and even supported his brewery, Mystery Brewing through his Kickstarter campaign. So we have that relationship. Twitter Buddies? Beer Tweeps? SMIRL friends (Social Media In Real Life)?

Regardless, Erik lays out some solid advice on Kickstarter campaigns for breweries in a straightforward manner. Pay special note to the advice he gives that has very little to do with Kickstarter and the emphasis on already working with things you should already have in place:
  • A plan that involves several funding sources;
  • Working with a community that you are already involved in;
  • Having your rewards worked into a larger existing marketing plan.
Money quotes:
I hate to say this, but if you don’t have a local community that’s ready to see you start a brewery, you’re going to have a difficult time finding that funding.
I will be sending out Kickstarter prizes for years. No shit. Half of my donors probably think I’ve completely forgotten about them.
What do I owe them now? They are the original community around my business. Any and every small business is about people. It’s about the community, and these are your starter community. 
Read the whole post here because it informs both the potential funder as well as those flirting with the idea of a Kickstarter project. 

It's worth noting Erik mentions that the Kickstarter game is much more competitive. In March, I noted that there were 3 Arizona brewery Kickstarter projects rolling out at the same time and that there were probably going to be as many as 8 this year. I asked that we make sure we are supporting the projects that have high community involvement. In the comments, I noted that Kickstarter should represent a small portion of  the overall plan. 

With all of the emphasis on things not Kickstarter and with success tied to having those things already in play, we all should reconsider Kickstarter as Kickfinisher.

Mischief's Brandon Richter
Since March, the campaigns of  two brewery projects, Granite Mountain Brewing and Arizona Wilderness Brewing were successfully funded in March. The third campaign, Mischief Brewing wisely decided to hold off until this month so as not to saturate the month of March. 

I don't expect to get invited to any weddings or children's birthday parties through Erik or because I contributed to Mystery Brewing. (So perfect, amirite?)  I do need to have a glass of beer with him at his brewery sometime.

As for Mischief Brewing, I've met Brandon and April Richter a few times and we interact on the internets. We drank beer too. I know we will continue to chat over beer. Mischief is now actively seeking $30,000 with 25 days to go in their endeavor

Mischief's April Richter
You have a few weeks to get to know them:

No kid birthday parties please.

Update: This was recently posted by Facebook's Tim Weable.


  1. What about graduations Rob? Christenings? Can we invite you to those?

    Thank you so much for mentioning us! You have always been so kind and supportive of this process!!


  3. Thanks Anon! I actually noticed that too. It took me awhile to find all of the failed Kickstarter Breweries until I went through them one by one.