May 24, 2012

Lolli-Palooza | Stouts, Steaks and Pancakes

Jim Lolli is either reinventing breakfast or re-asserting himself as one of the top Publicans of our state. Lolli's Hungry Monk famously tapped Bells Hopslam in February at 8:30 AM with donuts. Tonight he brings us Stouts, Steaks and Pancakes as a benefit to the Beer For Brains Foundation.

I'm of two minds on drinking Stouts this time of the year. We're Arizonan's and we drink what we like. Hot coffee on a hot day is not a problem for me. It may be a bit of a last hurrah before the silent sleep of sun and heat force us to at least pay homage to lighter styles, Belgian wits, wheats and more session beers. At some point, we should acknowledge our environment and adapt an appropriate style.

Jim is right to put these kinds of twists on what beer can do. We need more people like him. He's not one to put the spotlight on himself, but I will. If there was such a thing as the Arizona Publicans League or the Association of Independent Publicans of the Valley (There should be, right?), a guy like Jim should be at its helm.

The Stouts, Steaks and Pancakes menu is below. As I am unable to attend tonight, please do me the favor of dipping a buttered pancake in a Great Divide Oak Aged Chocolate Yeti.

Update: Photos from the event via Ben "Tiberius" Smith and Jess Harter.
Jess honored my request with a buttermilk pancake dipped in Yeti!

Photo : Ben Smith

Photo: Jess Harter


  1. Updated with Photos. Thanks for checking in Third Street!