April 27, 2012

Growler Law | More Thoughts.

Yesterday, I re-capped the change to Title 4 that makes growler sames by bars and liquor stores possible.

Here are some more thoughts on the matter:

This change makes it legally possible for bars to sell growler or anything they have on tap, however, there are reasons why they may not want to for certain beers or for certain breweries or at all.

Everyone in the industry wants to get the best beers in your glass, but each business has the right to decide what to do with this rule change. We should respect that.

There is a cost to having an inventory of glass growlers on hand. They take up space, they take longer to fill, there is beer loss in pouring them. No one wants to show up for a special pour only to find out that 3 or 4 people bought growlers and kicked a keg.

A point that I did not give too much attention, was the new power given to the DLLC Director to request floor plan changes to clearly delineate license and non-licensed areas. Could the director request that a bar have a growler checkout area more in line with a grocery store? It certainly seems possible.

It's already legal now for bars to serve half-pints though some do not. I actually support that idea more than growlers. Variety and moderation are great things.

The breweries had a special relationship with all of you thorough the growler. I encourage you all to buy from the freshest place available... the source... the brewery first.


  1. To me, Half Pints... That's a good thing. Especially for someone like me, that may have someone like YOU trying to show me the best that PHX has to offer!
    Bars filling growlers? Seems like you could get a 6'er of PBR and a bottle of Jim Beam at the local liquor store just as easy. I see no good to come of it!

    1. DONT EVER compare craft beers to pbr and a bottle of jim beam. but i agree we should keep growlers in the breweries cause that saves on bottling prices for them plus nothing feels better than taking home a growler of hop knot cause its hard to find in bottles or cans. but on the other hand bar growlers may increase revenue for the bar and beer companies cause the bar will have to order more and more