March 27, 2012

Bloggers Take Inventory.

Ah, the craft beer world. Full of good people. There was even a #beerpeoplearegoodpeople hashtag on twitter for some time although it seems to have lost considerable steam.
We say our industry is 99 percent asshole free. - Sam Calagione 
I'm reasonably sure that Sam Calagione may have uttrred some variation of this in the Beer Wars movie. I'm positive that I've heard him relate the same idea prior to reading it on the web. Regardless, there it is in the dcist last October and I'm here to disagree, not in kind but in degree.

Personally, I'd put it at about 75% asshole free. I don't think a growth oriented movement like beer is immune to the short-comings of human kind and besides every industry needs a bit of ego-driven self-interested mean-spiritedness, right? We need all kinds to move the ball forward. An asshole can be very motivating and a proper foil when highlighting the good.

In the beer writing world, we also have some dynamic range of asshole and evangelist;  hater and fanboi; or truth-sayer and corporate mouthpiece going on. The good people of Boak and Bailey have offered up a Beer Blogger Attitude Spectrum. I've appropriated it below.

Boak and Baily's Beer blogging attitude spectrum
In my own estimation, we aim to be a 4 or a 5. Or mission is to be, "A local Phoenix Metro beer culture celebration and admonition." I also subscribe to Andrew Sullivan's Biased and Balanced byline. In the end, it matters most what you think.

If you are a beer blogger, I encourage you to go over to Boak and Bailey and comment directly on their site. if you are a reader and want to tell us where you think this blog falls on the 1-7 scale, you can do so in the comments on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Still don't really consider myself a blogger, but I strive to be a 4-5 also.
    I would say that BeerPhxation is a solid 5. When things are not as you would like them to be, you beat the drum. When things rock, you dance!