February 22, 2012

Tonight! Go See This Beer, Women, Music Film Thing! Or Maybe Friday. Better Tonight Though.

A little twitter discussion about blogging and PR between @boakandbailey and @agoodbeerblog got me to thinking about all my Arizona Beer Week posts and tweets and the level of hucksterism my reader(s) are willing to tolerate from me. Disclosure: I have opinions and I have an agenda.

Go read this from Boak and Bailey, because it's fun and it's true. That's the under-the-covers side of blogging. How do the blogs you read manage that relationship? Maybe you have suspicions.

We are an opinion blog and we celebrate and admonish the beer and beer culture we see in Phoenix. We're also involved in many beery enterprises, alliances (some secret) and societies too, so you're likely to catch a good dose of that here. Lately, you've bore the brunt of the Arizona Society of Homebrewers (ASH) PR Machine. We try and be transparent.

I want you to go to this --> Your Downtown Beer | My Valentine to The Love of Beer Movie

Why? Here's what I stand to gain: My club sponsors it. I put the idea together. I flew the filmaker, Alison, out for it. I like Four Peaks. I asked them to be a part of it. Film Bar? Love them too. Wouldn't have done it anywhere else. ASH is a large club and we aren't wanting for members. We like to get the word out about beer. We make the beer scene better and everybody wins. We'll all look cool and may even break even on the deal if it is well attended.

You? It's a great event in a part of town that is growing in to the next cool beer destination. It's an event that shows that Phoenix Beer Culture is more than Arizona flagship beers and out-of-state limited release chases. This isn't the same old beer dinner routine. This is art, music, film beer in a funky environment. It's eminently affordable too.

The main story tellers are women. What about that? Well why not? I'll let Maureen Basenberg, one of our panelists lay it out. This is from an IgnitePhoenix preso from last year and it provides a fitting backdrop.

Can't make it tonight? Go Friday. There will be less hoopla, but this film is a good time. Go.

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