January 6, 2012

The Session #59: I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…

In the 59th edition of The Session, Mario Rubio sets us up with this leading sentence, "I Almost Always Drink Beer, But When I Don’t…".

When I don't, I shut it down. I ask my brain to stop. My first thought is that often I prefer a glass of milk as a nightcap. It helps me wind down.

I do enjoy wine, but not enough to give anyone a list of varietals or even vintners I prefer. I'm not even sure I care if I'm using those terms correctly.

I belong to a wine club. I get shipments from Viansa and Vincent Arroyo. I look for Barberas and anything that's red and seems robust. There are some Arizona wineries getting notoriety lately. I choose those. I consider the flavors, I'm tasting briefly and I go back to enjoying the moment. I don't care about process or micro-climates.

In the summer, I used to make Moscow Mules with Ginger Beer that I made at home. I have a dozen copper mugs to serve them in. the copper melts the ice at a very high rate, making the drink extra cold. It's a desirable quality in the desert.

Speaking of ice, I had a bacon infused whiskey old fashioned served in a applewood smoked glass with one of those Japanese Ice molds.

If someone tells me the right Scotch to drink, I'll enjoy it with them.

I like Whiskey Manhattans, too. I just had a barrel aged one the other day.

It's not beer so I'm just not enthused about writing about it.

Here's a picture of that Whiskey Manhattan. Hope that helps.

Do try the milk. I do recommend that. Skim.


  1. Well this is certainly a long way from the usual malt drink. I guess it's good practice every once in awhile. I'm honestly not sure about the milk though.

  2. Going on a break is fine, might be healthy too if you think about it. Could also be the time to try out new things if you feel like it.

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  4. I too prefer not to drink beer but wouldn't mind an occasional bottle or two. Sometimes, trying something different refreshes the taste buds and makes you better appreciate your original preferences.

    1. The author s saying that he almost always drink beers