January 23, 2012

Outside Looking Inside: This Particular Week in Beer

I'm always looking an an outsider's perspective in things and so I was delighted that Jeff Moriarty took the time to write a brief outsider's inside look at our local craft beer clique. Jeff fooled asked some of us on the "inside" what our favorite Arizona Beers are when we're not pretending to drink the rarest of the rare beers.

Jeff, of course, is one of the founders of all kinds of Arizona social media endeavors. He is the progenitor of the Ignite Phoenix franchise which includes the new Ignite Food. Submissions are open and beer could be on the table.

Read Jeff's synopsis on the Arizona Craft Beer Lover's group and pay attention to the wonderful beer list.

Arizona Beer Week Events Have Posted
I'm sure we're looking at about 90% of the events and we're waiting for the rest to drop before we make recommendations. You can view the events here. Disclosure: As an ASH Board member, I had a hand in planning a few of them. One thing that I'd like to put on next year's wish list is:

  • An RSS feed.
  • A data dump for the media (and quasi media).
  • A location filter for events. Think Northern, Southern and Phoenix. Phoenix to be broken down by West, Central, East or some such
  • A daily map which uses the above filters
  • The ability for a user to create a printable customized itinerary
  • A place for readers to comment, ask questions, rate and review.
What's on your must do list and what changes would you like to see for next year's events?

Local Trend Watch
Students of German and hardcore Four Peaks fans will probably have a laugh at the beer I saw this afternoon. Vier Spitzen turned up on the menu at Moto and I had to do a double take.  Apparently this was a namekicked around back in the mid 2000's for Four Peaks Hefeweizen. (It means four tips (peaks) in German.) Is this the beginnings of a retro campaign for the impending Four Peaks Anniversary or one delivery guy's inside joke? Time will tell.

Tony is Back
In a post or two last year we made mention that Pitcher of Nectar Distributing (POND) was no longer distributing. This was not true, though POND took on a very low profile as owner, Tony Piccini maintained the bare bones of his catalog and restructured the company. Tony's back with Rock Art, Marin, Sudwerk, Rubicon and spirits from Dry Fly Distilling. Look for more news from POND this year.


  1. Thanks for the mention, Rob! I wasn't trying to fool anyone - I just thought I could be an intermediary between the Phoenix Beer Gods and the mortals. Maybe I should have inscribed the beer list on stone tablets... ;)

  2. Thanks Rob! Pitcher of Nectar is back and will have many announcemnets to make very soon!

  3. I kid about the fooling part Jeff.

    Tony, we're glad to set the record straight. Look forward to hearing more.