December 21, 2011

What Does CBS Outdoor Have Against Sun Up?

April 2011
In April of this year, the CBS Outdoor billboard in the Sun Up parking lot was the subject of a "Where in the Phoenix Beer World?".

The billboard once featured the Los Bomberos wine bar which closed it's doors on March 6th. It's also had PBR and Dundee Honey Brown as advertisers which seemed to be a slap in the face for a place that makes it's own beer (and very good beer at that).

Still, one imagines that advertising alcohol to brewpub going patrons is not a stretch and granted there have been other billboard ads here that have come and gone.

This month began a new campaign and now I think CBS is just being mean. There is a Castle Boutique next door and a Trails, but seriously? This??
Meth and Craft Beer. Advertising Gold.

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