December 14, 2011

The Great Divide

This menu tells me that this business knows nothing about beer or is so cynical about it that they don't want my money or yours.

Here's an idea. Charge me $6, $8 and $12 for the kinds of beers that  less pretentious bars and restaurants  offer.


  1. I personally dont expect a good selection of beer when getting a haircut. sure this list could be way better, but I personally wouldn't get upset by it either. If I want to go somewhere for a nice pint, a barber shop isnt the first place I think of. I'll go grab a pint after getting my ears lowered.

  2. Did you read the wine list? You don't have a problem with that level of disparity?

    People normally don't expect to get beer or wine to drink in a grocery store, but that's exactly what we have at Whole Foods Chandler.

    Now swap out all the fine beers that they sell on tap and sub in this list and let me know how you feel.

  3. Fair enough. If you offer a $320 bottle of champagne, i suppose you should probably offer more than $2 beer. Point made.

    Rob 1 - Ricky 0

  4. I should ask Ruben next time I get my hair cut if I can get some Cristal.