September 7, 2011

Where in the Phoenix Beer World?

Do you know where in the beer world this photo was taken?
How does it relate to Arizona beer?

Blurred for Challenge
The concept is simple. We post a picture that is relevant to the Phoenix beer scene and you try and identify it. Sometimes there will be a larger story involved, but often there will not. So, for glory and a tip of the glass next time we see you.

Answer after the jump.

Well it looks like Sean Ganser will be recommending an exif editor for me. We can't reward that kind of gamesmenship, so I think Sean owes me a beer.

The real winner then is Justin Coleman  from Facebook who correctly answered, Handlebar Pub in Apache Junction. We wish we could hang out there more often, but I'm sure Sean could tell you how long it takes me to drive out there with some more CSI ninjitsu. ;)


  1. Seems like it should be easy as there's not to many beer engines in the valley but I'm drawing a blank.

  2. I'm gonna guess The Main Ingredient but only because you said you were there on the Twitter.

  3. I've gotten smarter about that after the first time someone figured it out that way.

  4. Damn you for not geotagging but you need to be a bit more careful if you don't want people to cheat. Looks like you took this picture on August 13, 2011 6:03:52PM ... So... maybe it was the Handlebar Pub and Grill in Apache Junction ??
    (hint: ) Nice web stalking or no??

    EXIF — this group of metadata is encoded in 1,490 bytes (1.5k)
    Date/Time Original 2011:08:13 18:03:52
    24 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes, 26 seconds ago
    Software Camera 360
    Image Description Camera 360
    Make verizon
    Camera Model Name Droid

  5. dang sean, that's even sneakier than twitter!