August 22, 2011

Ladies First: Four Peaks Barrel Aged Black Returns

Four Peaks taps their Barrel Aged Belgian Black Ale today. I don't have any special information other than the  beer notes from February's Four Peaks Brewsletter.

Expect a Belgian Strong Dark style with plums and bananas and restrained Belgian yeast phenolics due to Four Peaks practice of staying to the cooler side of the yeast's ideal fermentation range. I have a call placed into Ted Golden to get some word on the barrels and other details, but don't let that stop you from coming by.

This beer actually was first re-introduced on Thursday at an AZ Girls Pint Out dinner at Arrogant Butcher and is now available for menfolk. Of coincidence, on Saturday, I attended the premier of "For the Love of Beer" a documentary on the women in the Portland Brewing scene. There was a section in the film on women beer judges and sensory panels.  Melissa Osbourne of Four Peaks got a cameo as she was judging at last year's Great American Beer Fest (GABF). Melissa runs the Four Peaks Barrel Aging program among her duties as a brewer. One wonders if these signs auger well for a more public role for her at Four Peaks.

More on the movie and Portland coming up in another post.

Update: This is the same beer as in February with many more months of age. The beer has been on wood for 3 years now. The barrels were a combination of new medium char American Oak, Paige Springs Meritage and Chardonnay which was then blended. Medjool dates from Yuma were also used to add increase the alcohol heft, lighten the body and add Arizona character.

Tasting Update: Any banana esters are gone and a more vinous tannic acidity has arrived making it a refreshing chocolate vanilla mule with velvet socks.

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