August 23, 2011

Cartel Coffee Lab Obtains Tempe Permitting for Microbrewery

Cartel Coffee Lab
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Tempe's Cartel Coffee Lab cleared an initial hurdle last week when it obtained the necessary permitting to continue on it's journey to becoming Cartel Coffee Lab and Microbrewery. According to a story in the ASU State Press, the coffeehouse located on University and Ash will expand into an adjacent space and start out as a small brewery. Owner Jason Sliberschlag offered that he would start out with 3 classic styles and then venture into more experimental things.  Sliberschlag has plans to distribute to its other locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson.

We heard news of these plans in July but decided to reveal it in a blind item. Often brewery start-ups will want to play their cards close to the vest. The regulatory nature of the industry causes them to have to reveal some of their plans at public hearings. We didn't have an opportunity to talk to Sliberschlag, but we're glad that the news is out.

The opening of a smaller brewing operation that is tightly integrated in to coffee culture may signal a new step forward for the brewing community. The strongest expressions of culture work among the the cities successful movements and enterprises. Cartel has been at the forefront of the Metro Phoenix coffee circle.

There are several more important milestones to complete before any brewing can begin including filing for a Federal and State brewing permit. The brewery must also pass a number of local municipal code inspections which may include waste water treatment plans and other neighborhood impact concerns. As of the filing of this story, a check of the State DLLC database did not reveal a state application from Cartel.

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  1. I'd heard this news during morning Cartel visits too and am super stoked! There are other coffee houses that are starting to serve beer / wine in Phoenix and in other cities. Great sign for things to come in our evolving beer - and coffee - city.