July 7, 2011

Anonymous Comments, John Gabriel's "Greater Internet F*ckwad Theory" and xkcd

We've opened up the Pandora's box* that is anonymous internet comments on BeerPHXation. This can lead to one desirable outcome, two or three pretty awful ones or a deliciously intractable combination.

We've heard from a few people that have wanted to comment but had difficulties creating an account or getting theirs to work. We want this to be a place of discussion so we can learn from what you have to say.

This blog is largely opinion based with some facts sprinkled in. Our facts and opinions are open to challenge. We'd like to know when we're off-base, self-aggrandizing, pompous, arrogant, uninformed, under-informed, or flat out wrong. If anonymous comments help us build a better base of information and inform our opinions, then that's THE desired outcome.

There is the spam issue, but we hope the google spam algorithm will carry the day. The truly Awful in allowing anonymous comments is best represented in the xkcd comic above and John Gabriel's "Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory". David and I are grizzled veterans of beer forums and we know how easily things can spin out of control with anonymous internet behavior. I personally subscribe to the theory that it is better to be helpful than self-righteously "right".

We're ready for then potential headaches, and achieving the right balance and we hope you are too. Problems? Issues? Email us at BeerPHXation at Google.com

*not really Pandora's box. We can flip a bit and go back to credentialed comments.


  1. Soweet!
    This might be the only nice comment you get!

  2. thanks for opening up the comments! I'll happily put my name to my opinions, but am glad for an easier way to do it. Looking forward to the discussion.