July 6, 2011

602 Beer- Let the Sham Begin!

I alluded to it here when discussing the impact of large distributors merging, expanding craft beer catalogs and acquiring breweries:
It'll be interesting to see if more of AB owned Goose Island's mainstream beers like [312] Urban Wheat hit Phoenix. Don't get me wrong. I love Matilda, Sofie and the iconic Bourbon County but do we need a wheat beer from Chicago? No.
Today comes the news from several blogs that a 314 beer is being developed for St Louis with Federal Trademarks applied for. Further still:
... that A-B is seeking trademarks for: 412 (Pittsburgh), 305 (Miami), 619 (San Diego), 202 (Washington, D.C.), 602 (Phoenix), 704 (Charlotte), 702 (Las Vegas), 214 (Dallas), 415 (San Francisco), 216 (Cleveland), 303 (Denver), 615 (Nashville) and 713 (Houston).
Jeff Alworth at Beervana makes the Goose Island connection but falls short of speculating a motive. San Diego, Denver and the missing Portland area codes (503 was not sought) would be tough sells. Las Vegas and Phoenix with their high transplant populations and short historical memories will probably be easy pickings.

You can already picture these at Cardinal game, can't you.

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