June 20, 2011

David Schollmeyer Wins 2011 NHC Gold

David Schollmeyer from the Arizona Society of Homebrewers (ASH) and BeerPHXation won a Gold Medal this weekend at the National Homebrewers Competition (NHC) in Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale with his Chimayo Azul.
According to the BJCP, a Belgian Strong Ale should be:
Complex, with a rich malty sweetness, significant esters and alcohol, and an optional light to moderate spiciness. The malt is rich and strong, and can have a Munich-type quality often with a caramel, toast and/or bready aroma. The fruity esters are strong to moderately low, and can contain raisin, plum, dried cherry, fig or prune notes.
Shollmeyer used Chimay Blue as the beer's inspiration and used Mexican piloncillo in place of traditional Belgian candi sugar.

Chimay Azul was brewed commercially in 2008 by Sonoran Brewing as No Hoplo Inglés under contract by Papago Brewing.
It was the GABF Pro-Am Beer for Papago that year and the first of two times that Shollmeyer has been brewed a Pro-Am beer.

Chimayo Azul was poured at the 3rd Annual PHX Brew Party in November 2010 where it won accolades and was drained in record time.

BeerPHXation congratulates all of the NHC winners

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  1. I'll bring 2L of the latest batch to tomorrow's ASH meeting. I might even bring a 750mL bottle of the winning beer which was brewed in 2008...