June 13, 2011

Catching Up / Falling Behind

I've been working on a number of posts, but the calendar is telling me that this is a short week for BeerPHXation. David and I will be in San Diego catching the National Homebrewers Conference (NHC) where   Mr Schollmeyer has two beers competing in the final round.

I still need to update you on the Pacifico junket. That will happen, even if I need to write it on the flight.

I had planned on writing a response to the piece that Andy Ingram penned on Beer Culture in Phoenix. There is a good discussion going on over there that I'd like to see continue, so please read the comments and consider offering your thoughts.  Stan Hieronymus checked in, reflecting on his 1999 piece on Phoenix and what the future here might hold. A word to the faint of heart, there is considerable woe in the Beer Travelers piece; Mr Ingram being among the few survivors of that era.

This morning, Erik Lars Myers, (a friend of ours and founder of the NC startup Mystery Brewing) wrote about his skepticism with cans. Some of the arguments mirror our own, but he takes it a bit further with an video that illustrates our concerns with the purging process. Erik points out that cans play right into macro beer's wheelhouse and the economics just aren't there for most of craft beer. Being a craft beer startup, his concerns hold a diferent weight than our own.

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