April 4, 2011

If a Beer Place Opens in the Desert

If a brewery, beer bar, or brewpub opens in the valley and no one puts it on BeerMapping do millions of yeast cells suddenly cried out in terror, and are suddenly silenced? Or something like that.

It's starting to get warm in the valley, so the many, many emails that I get from out of town visitors on where to drink beer in the valley will slow to a trickle. I always make it a point to recommend places that have new offerings to special events going on, but I also have included a link to BeerMapping. Beer Mapping has always served me well on my travels, needless to say, I don't normally use it around town.
A few days ago, I was shocked to discover that the Phoenix Beer Map could use some work.

I recently added:
  • Draw 10 Bar and Grill
  • Film Bar
  • Flanny's Bar and Grill
  • The Garage Bar and Grill
  • The Lost Leaf (unbelievably, yes it wasn't there)
  • Mellow Mushroom - Tempe
  • Yucca Tap Room
I also requested that Old World's location be updated and that the Hungry Monk is not in the Tuke.

Does this represent PHX?
There is much, much more work to be done:
  • No one has rated SanTan Brewing.
  • Taste of Tops needs to be added.
  • I'm sure there are 5 or 10 more places to be added including some more Total Wine locations, other smaller beer bars, the location of SanTan beers at NFL games, restaurants like Il Vinaio, Rico's American Grill, ... (So many more, amirite?)
  • The Black Mountain Chili Beer company is NOT our one of our Top Rated Breweries!

This place does not exist.
We know that among our readers there is a contingent of reviewers of beers and beer places. Many of you are rather famous on RateBeer and BeerAdvocate. A few of you have reviewed places on your own blogs and some national and regional beer blogs. We've stated here that reviews are not the focus of BeerPHXation. We feel, however, that the Beer Mapping Project is an important resource and worth our attention and so we feel a sense of stewardship. We are asking our Phoenix area beer bloggers and our social media followers and friends create an account at Beer Mapping, add new beer locations, rate those locations and consider using the blog mapping code.

It might be a surprise to many of you that the Beer Mapping project was created by someone that many of you follow on twitter, JohnathanSurrat - aka @beerinator. He's rather famous for not taking credit for his serious work and would rather take credit for eating burgers and drinking beer, but that's another story.

So lets make April the month we put Phoenix back on the beer map. Please chime in here and show your support and we will throw some love your way.


  1. Thanks for adding Draw 10 Bar and for keeping us updated on all of the cool places to enjoy beer all summer!

  2. Thanks Anita. I see a few more places have been added, but there are so many more. And reviews, people need to write reviews.

    If you are one of those serial reviewer types get on there. Be a beer ambassador for Phoenix.