February 21, 2011

Strong Beer Fest Reactions

If you ever need evidence of the hardiness of Valley beer lovers, look no further than Saturday’s Strong Beer Festival. - Jess Harter via http://mouthbysouthwest.com
GB's Dieter Foerstner
is undeniably cool
One of our initial goals when David and I started writing Beer PHXation was to celebrate the best things about beer culture in Phoenix. Although we would have preferred better weather, the blustery wet day served to remind everyone that Arizonans want good beer here in Arizona and they are prepared to show their support.

Those that attended validated Rule 1 in the New Beer Rules of Phoenix.
EDIT: Video Added. It was this kind of day.

Mouth by Southwest
Another of our larger goals was to identify other local writers that see beer as more than just an "after work" beverage. Jess Harter's Mouth by Southwest blog discusses news in the food and restaurants of the Phoenix Metro area and his blog has the first to report several beer stories.

That's his quote at the top of this post that kicks off the Mouth By Southwest recap: Strong Beer: When it rains, it (still) pours and we couldn't agree more.

Here are some other features on Arizona Beer Week by mouthbysouthwest.com
Drink Better Beer
EDIT: We found our longtime twitter friend @lucklys and first time IRL acquaintance has posted a Strong Beer Festival 2011 recap on her Drink Better Beer blog. Alyssa has been writing craft beer reviews for a very short time but her palate and writing style might lead you to believe that she has an old craft brewer soul.  I'll be frank, I don't like reading beer reviews and like writing them even less, but I confess to having read all of Alyssa's. It's nice to see a beer discussed by someone with a new eye.

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