February 4, 2011

Session #48 Cask, Keg, Can, Bottle?

We've participated in the last few occurrences of The Session. This month's topic is hosted by the Reulctant Scooper is Session #48 Cask, Keg, Can, Bottle?
Simon explains:
The method of beer dispense often raises the hackles of even the most seasoned beer drinker. Some evangilise about living, breathing cask as being the one true way. Others heartily support the pressurised keg. The humble tinny has its fans. Lovers of bottled beer, either conditioned or pasturised, can be equally vociferous.

Perhaps you think that one method magnifies a beer's impact. Perhaps you won't try a beer if it's dispensed in a way you don't agree with. Perhaps you've tried one beer that's been dispensed every which way.

The question is simple but your answer may not be: Cask, Keg, Can, Bottle: Does dispense matter?
We're taking a punt on this one to a degree.  We've discussed a few things on format as they pertain to Phoenix. We looked at moving beer into restaurants in the case of 22 ounce bottles (Bombers) with a  marketing and sales strategic perspective. We also looked at how craft beer in the can is changing opinions about freshness and quality.

Locally speaking, we're not aware of anyone that is bottle conditioning. Oak Creek does make use of a spundling valve which they attribute to a softer and smoother finish.

A few locals cask condition:
  • Santan
  • Four Peaks
  • BJs
  • Papago
  • Rockbottom
But the true local master is Uwe Boer of Sun Up Brewing. Uwe has 1 or 2 casks on every day with about a two day turn. He also does the casks for Papago. Supporting that type of a program matters to us. So does freshness and showcasing a single hop varietal which is what Uwe commonly does. That's our vote!

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