February 2, 2011

Four Peaks Leaks Strong Beer Fest Largesse

Ted Golden, the Beer Traffic Controller posted the Four Peaks Strong Beer Fest line-up minutes ago and as predicted, it is formidable.
  • 2007 and 2008 Hopsquatch Barleywine
  • Aged Double Knot
  • 2 year old Barrel Aged Belgian Black
  • Motley Brew
  • Aged Russian Imperial Stout aka Sirius Black
  • Aged Strong Scotch Ale
  • AZBW Double Red
  • Hop Knot IPA
  • Raj IPA
  • Kilt Lifter
  • Sunbru
A telling comment on Facebook was Breckenridge's marketing director asking if nyone could work his booth so that he could hang out at Four Peaks.

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