January 19, 2011

Where in the Phoenix Beer World? and Whaaat?

Do you know where in the Phoenix Beer World, this photo was taken and what the story is on this brewery development inquiry?

The concept is simple. We post a picture that is relevant to the Phoenix beer scene and you try and identify it. Sometimes there will be a larger story involved, but often there will not.

In this case, we do know the backstory and we'll fill in the blanks and whether there is any reason for excitement or titillation (which is your clue).

So, for glory and a tip of the glass next time we see you, where in the Phoenix Beer World?  Be a pal and answer in the comments.

Find out the answer after the jump!

Zach is indeed correct about the location. It does abut Dream Palace.

And Ed from BrewingArizona is correct that Wet Brewing filed for an Arizona Series 3 microbrewery license last summer. 

Our sources tell us that the management is seeking someone to brew on an extract system similar to the ones used at Arriba! and they reached out to several local breweries to partner with.  These are not sources that we paid with dollar bills either! This would be actual brewery employees and sales people that are based in Tempe breweries and love to tell colorful stories.

As can be expected in a deal where there is no financial or brand upside for a craft brewery (and probably not legal under AZ law), Wet Brewing is still looking for talent.  Perhaps they can have an amateur night.

This is not to say that an extract brewery cannot be well done. Pacific Coast Brewing in Oakland has won GABF awards with an extract system.  This is to say that it most likely won't be done well.

Also, how do you remove glitter?

Let the jokes commence!


  1. That's right next to the Dream Palace! Caught my eye last time I visited--I mean drove by.

  2. It's called the Wet Brewing Company. Think they put any thought into the name? Any progress other than the sign?

  3. Haha, yes! I live .5 miles from this... I was speculating about it the other day with neighbors. Always keepin' it classy at Papago Park.

  4. You are all astute. The rest of the story is coming up soon since we broke our research budget.

  5. Isnt this the North Mountain Brewery?

  6. No. no. no. Not North Mountain. no.

    Look for a piece on them this week.