January 27, 2011

What is Beer Culture? Two Films take a stab.

We're not quite ready to break out our manifesto on what beer culture is, but we ran across this trailer for an upcoming film called Beer Culture.

From the Huffinton Post:

Denver-based production company, FM Productions, is currently producing a documentary called "Beer Culture," about Colorado's craft breweries. The movie, set to debut in the summer of 2011, "[tells] the stories of struggles and successes of some top brewers in Colorado including, New Belgium, Oskar Blues, Avery Brewing Company, Tommyknocker, Upslope."
FM Productions, which primarily makes extreme sports movies, calls Colorado the "epicenter" of craft brewing.
See the trailer after the jump.

Beer Culture Trailer 1 from FM Productions on Vimeo.

Meanwhile, Stan muses on whether the next Discovery Channel Beer offering, is melodramatic by design as if there is some higher level satire going on or is this yet another smarmy craft beer anthem. As always, the comments are right on. In terms of culture- beer blogging culture- Appellation Beer is at the level we'd like to cultivate here at BeerPHXation.  

How Beer Saves the World airs Sunday at 8PM ET.

If nothing else, you've certainly have had your weekly dose of swelling and uplifting music.

I don't anticipate any big screen films about the Phoenix beer scene anytime soon, but certainly doesn't mean that we don't have beer culture. To me, the signs of a thriving beer culture are when beer enters an area or consciousness where it normally isn't. The obvious example is all of the buzz surrounding AZ Beer Week. I can't be the only one that is beginning to hear from the Coors drinking neighbor and the wine tippling Aunt about this "new beer event"  and "have you heard about it".

Personally, I'm going to point to the fact that there will be another Ignite Phoenix presentations with a beer topic. "From Alewife to Bikini Girl and Back" signals how Phoenix will get over the craft beer hump and who will be leading the charge.

What is beer culture to you and where do you see it?

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