December 3, 2010

What in the Phoenix Beer World? Taglines


It might be an ugly word to some, but if we're in a robust period of beer culture, marketing might be the only thing that differentiates one brewery from the next. Almost every brewery makes an American Pale ale, but I bet 1 out of 100 beer drinkers could actually identify the brewery if all every local pale was placed on the same table. Think I am wrong?

I won't name names, but there were a number of surprised blind judges at the last AmeriCan beerfest last spring... ones that did not pick their favorite (Modus Hoperandi) over the local winner. These are professionals, but honest blind ones.

Can you identify the brewery based upon it's tagline? Sure you could google most of them, but you won't. Breweries pay money for their taglines (or have someone in their camp who think's they are clever). If not money, then they certainly put some brainpower and resources toward coming up with them. Let them know how effective they are by answering without looking them up. If you don't know, say so in the comments.

Winner gets bragging rights and I will buy you a beer.

Hint: Some are outside the Valley, but all are from Arizona.

  1. Craft Beer For Drinking.
  2. Artistry and Science in one delicious beverage.
  3. Proudly Serving Authenticity.
  4. Making Thirst Worthwhile.
  5. Arizona's finest microbrewery.
  6. Beer Like Your Mom Used to Make.
  7. It’s all about the “altitude".
  8. Home of Tucson's Oldest and Newest MicroBrewery! (recently changed)
  9. 840 Million Years in the Making.
  10. Here It Is.
  11. All Natural Beers Handcrafted in Traditional Southwestern Style
  12. Phoenix’s newest brewery.

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