December 1, 2010

This Particular Week in Beer

The title is meant to manage any expectations that this will be a weekly feature.  It won't.

This particular week has some things to talk about, we'll start with the big news, but read on. We have a Beer for Brains scoop and more Arizona crazy after the jump.

Arizona Beer Week
We've dreamed about, hinted and leaked the big announcement, but ink met paper yesterday and today begins the official run up to the first ever Arizona Beer Week. UP Agency has been recruited to manage the campaign for the Feb 19th-26th celebration of locally brewed craft beer put on by the Arizona Craft Brewer's Guild.  BeerPHXation has high expectations for the event and the partnership with Up. 

Up Agency has an impressive track record with nationally and regionally recognized restaurants and we hope that Ty Largo and his staff introduce beer into places that have been typically wine-centric. Up Agency has recently upped it's beer portfolio with the signing of Four Peaks, Spitfire Grill and some unofficial work with the Arizona Society of Homebrewers.  

Beer for Brains
We recently spoke with Louis Dolgoff and we learned that an April event is in the works.  He also is planning 1 or 2 events for Arizona Beer Week including a Beer vs Wine dinner and an event in Tucson.  Of course, he mentioned, that the signature Beer For Brains event will continue in 2011 most likely in November.  There will be an increased emphasis on food and the addition of spirits.

Neo-prohibitionists- Another reason we can't have nice things

Help this man raise
his children, please!
In today's Arizona Republic,  we find this disturbing news about Gilbert town leaders seeking to block in-store sampling of beer, wine and spirits. We were dumbstruck by the comments of Gilbert Mayor John Lewis: 
Lewis recently called on local grocers to "withstand the temptation" to offer free taste-testing of beer, wine and spirits at their stores. He said his family frequently shopped at Sam's Club, for example, and he would not want his children to be in an atmosphere where alcohol could be sipped.

"For the image and preservation of what has been building Gilbert as a family-centered community, I hope we would not approve the sampling privileges in a family environment," Lewis said.
Apparently Lewis, a grown man, finds the task of teaching his children about the responsible and legal enjoyment of alcohol (or the abstention of it for that matter) in the mere presence of adults tasting 1 or 2 ounces- while still maintaining a code of conduct suitable for the likes of a Sam's Club- capable of erasing years worth of parental upbringing.

Having a family environment and an educational and informative environment for alcohol use are not mutually exclusive, in-fact, the family environment IS the proper environment.

Let's do our best to help the Mayor out. If you see John Lewis with his family at a Diamondbacks game, a Sun's game, street festival, restaurant or picnic, be sure and escort this man and his family to the nearest exit.

Similarly, Rep. Andy Biggs would like you know his rights to doughnuts is being infringed upon:
"I go in with my kids to go get doughnuts at the Safeway," Biggs said. "It's one thing to walk through the liquor department to go to the bakery, but it's something else when you've got people there serving alcoholic beverages."
We must of course, think of the fragile yet burgeoning craft doughnut market. Or perhaps just the nut market.

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  1. I am really excited about a week dedicated to BEER in the desert! This will be a great opportunity to gather with friends and enjoy some interesting brews. Also, the fact that it coincides with my birthday is also stellar news.

    As far as the Gilbert drama goes, if there's one thing I learned by spending 23 years of my life in Utah County it's that hiding things only makes them more intriguing. In a state where you have to go to a warehouse in a sketchy part of town to even buy a single beer, people learn nasty habits and resort to buying massive quantities of alcohol and binge drinking. It's healthy to walk into a grocery store and see people buying wine/beer/spirits, and sampling them to see what would go best with the meal they're about to cook. Children should have exposure to the role that alcohol plays in social and food-related events so that they know it's something to be enjoyed and savored with friends, instead of a substance to solve their problems when times are tough. But I suppose Gilbert is just becoming another Utah County, where they like to see their own lifestyle choices reflected in everyone around them, instead of interesting and new ones.