December 15, 2010

First Tweet-Up 6PM Thursday, December 16

Hey isn't it about time we had a beer?

David and I will be checking out the latest pretty good beer place, the Garage Restaurant and Bar, and we'd like you to join us. We figure this is a good time for you socially connected people to tell us about your favorite places, breweries and general craft beer epiphany stories.

UPDATED:  Tap list- Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA, Thunder Canyon Amber, SanTan Hefe, and some euro-lager. Cans and bottles include SanTan Devil's Ale, Ska Modus Hoperandi.

If you have a beer blog, we can exchange ideas and tips for getting inside information. C'mon, We've seen some dusty Phoenix Beer blogs. New Years Resolutions are coming up. We promise inspiration.

If you don't come on by, well, we understand and we'll try again next month. We'll shed a few tears in our beers and then maybe go next door and have a cupcake fight and press our noses to the glass in the future new Zipps Bar and Grill space across the street.

6PM- Thursday, December 16
Garage Restaurant and Bar
1534 E Bethany Home Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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  1. Dang - another awesome holiday event I will miss because of ... well, the holidays. I'll raise a glass from Philly and catch you all in January.

  2. Philly is a great beer town. Bring back your raised expectations about our own beer scene.