November 8, 2010

Where in the Phoenix Beer World?

Do you know where in the Phoenix Beer World, this photo was taken?

Where in the Phoenix Beer World?

The concept is simple. We post a picture that is relevant to the Phoenix beer scene and you try and identify it. Sometimes there will be a larger story involved, but often there will not.

We've borrowed the, "Where in the Beer World?" concept from Stan Hieronymus from his blog Appellation Beer. You can see Stan's many "Where in the Beer World?" posts here. Stan hasn't updated any photos in over a year and so I've asked him if it was OK to run with it. We've used using twitter in the past, but I think that it should have a permanent home.

So, for glory and a tip of the glass next time we see you, where in the Phoenix Beer World? Bonus points if you can decipher the yellow sticker. Answer in the comments and we'll see if we can't post at least one of these a week.


  1. OH Crap! This is tough being from Colorado... So Near DENVER.
    That is all I can contribute.
    I must make a point of touring the Phoenix Beer Scene!

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  3. Did we make these to hard? Our winner on twitter declined to comment here, so we'll reveal the answer.

    The answer is Papago Brewing. The TriceraTips adorns the over-sized pint glass behind the bar which serves as the tip jar.

    The yellow sticker is a Falling Rock Taphouse bumper sticker from Denver, Co. Both Falling Rock and Papago are consistently listed as top 25 Beer Bars in the country. Some have listed these bars as tops in the world