October 1, 2010

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Where will you be when you realize that we let this one slip away?

For some of us it'll be around 6PM on Saturday when twitter will light with pictures of rare beers and tasting notes.

"A Bacon Brown!!! ... mmmm Bacon"
"Dogfish Head Namaste, bitches... oh and Bitches Brew bitches..."
"You can't get that in this state. Where are you?"
"#beerforbrains Dumbass"
Or maybe on Sunday during the football games there will be a collective head slapping moment on the couch with Facebook open and galleries of Maryland Crab Cakes paired with witbier, seeing one of the last kegs of locally brewed GABF medal winning Motley Brue drained and people dancing awkwardly with beer tasters to eclectic bands like The Bad Cactus Brass Band or The Greyhounds.
Bad Cactus Brass Band

The sad, brutal truth is that Phoenix has not sold out a premier beer event and that will certainly affect future events.

Some, perhaps, never heard about the event. Shame on us. Though we have not written specifically about Beer for Brains (BFB) and the Off-Centered Experience in this blog, we have been supporting the event through other social media channels and organizations such as ASH. We should have been in front of this one because it is exceptional in its beer offerings and it's for a great cause, brain cancer research.

Many others heard about Beer for Brains and put it off. Maybe they thought it would sell out quickly (it's not) and then they could conveniently forget the story about Louis Dolgoff and his wife Laurie.
In 2009, Dolgoff lost his wife of 30 years to an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma ultiforme - the same cancer that killed Senator Edward Kennedy. Laurie Dolgoff died shortly after her 55th birthday – 29 months after her initial diagnosis. Dolgoff, a craft-beer industry sales manager and event promoter for Dogfish Head Breweries, created the Beer for Brains Foundation because of the cutting-edge care she received at Barrow Neurological Institute. Through fundraising events like the Off-Centered Experience, Dolgoff hopes to help them find a way to extend the lifespan and quality of life for brain cancer patients.
Not an Airplane Beer in the Bunch
Others decided that the Tempe Oktoberfest was a good option, until they realized that you can also get Bud, Bud Lite and Becks on an airplane. The airplane is climate controlled too, Tempe Town Lake Riverbed at 105F is not.

If you are this guy stop reading right now and buy a BFB ticket. You can get a room too for a discounted rate, if you mention the Off-Centered Experience.

If you've been to beer fests you know that passable ones cost upwards of $50. You are typically limited in the number of sampler pours that you get, whether you finish them or not. You know that many of the beers that you get are available at bars and retailers throughout the valley. There are exceptions of course, like the Arizona Strong Beer Fest, but BFB is offering unlimited pours and almost all of the beers are exclusive and many cannot be obtained in AZ.

And this brings us to our final point.

Some didn't know. Some knew and failed to act or made poor choices. The rest of us will have had a great time, but we will have also let this one, "slip away". As full or partially full kegs get placed back on trucks or sadly dumped out, our dreams of Phoenix as a top Beer City go with it. Because the truth is, Phoenix isn't able to sell out one of the top beer events put together in the country this year.

This is why we can't have nice things.
Photo CC by kshilcutt on Flick
The Beer For Brains Off-Centered Experience
October 02, 2010 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Scottsdale Plaza Resort
7200 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ
[map it!]

Price $75.00 Tickets here
Website: The Beer For Brains Foundation

The Craft-Beer Enthusiast "Cultural Event" of the year.
An Extremely Entertaining-Not for Amateurs-Party & Fundraising Event.
Benefiting: The Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center, in Phoenix,AZ
  • 5 hours of non-stop fun,featuring Almost the entire Dogfish Head Craft Brewery lineup (Many in aged kegs) 25+ specialty from the top US craft breweries (many not sold in AZ)
  • 3 great live bands; The Love Me Nots (World Wide Rock-and-Roll recording stars,The Greyhounds(Rockabilly,Roots Rock & Surf from Ny) and The Bad Cactus Band (a New Orleans marching band)
  • Belly Dancers,Magicians,Fortune Tellers, and other off-centered acts.
  • Live art, off-centered films and other attractions too numerous to mention.
  • Feast on a "Mid-Atlantic" Themed Gourmet Bill of Fare: Maryland Crab Cakes, Maryland Steamed Shrimp in Old Bay,Philly Cheese Steaks Subs, Beach Fries,Soft Pretzels, and much more.
  • Raffles, games, free stuff!

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  1. There is a nice write up about Barrow and Louis in the Arizona Republic:

    Others, such as Louis Dolgoff of Peoria, are offering their time and talent to the cause in memory of a loved one. Dolgoff's wife, Laurie, passed away in August 2009 after a long battle with glioblastoma.

    Dolgoff, who has worked as an events promoter for specialty beer makers, is coordinating beer-themed fundraising events to raise $500,000 for the center.

    Dolgoff said he wants to fund the center to help expand access to clinical trials for patients who face the type of tumor his wife faced.

    Too many of those patients must travel out of state now to gain access to experimental therapies.

    "I'm obsessed with trying to help out because this disease took my wife," Dolgoff said.

    "I don't want others to have to go through this."

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/articles/2010/10/13/20101013barrow-neurological-institute-of-phoenix-new-research-center.html#comments#ixzz12Lal8qal