October 22, 2010

Beer culture you can wear

Pic of my Rockmount Hops
shirt by @bryanschiele
Though not the focus of my Ignite Phoenix presentation, beer culture was the subtext of putting beer on the dinner table. Beer is best enjoyed when it is a part of the other things that we enjoy in life. Great food is available in almost every neighborhood in Phoenix. The Valley also has access to a number of outstanding beers both produced locally and regionally. Unfortunately putting those two things together is something that does not happen often enough.

Before Ignite, if I told you that beer could play a role in fashion, I'm sure most of you would have instantly thought beer stained t-shirt. That's why I was so pleased that the Rockmount Hops shirt that I wore was so well received. I can't tell you how many great comments that I got about it.

October 11, 2010

Format matters: Sharable bottles on the table equals more share for our breweries.

Available here in big bottles, but not brewed here!
It occurred to me the other day that Phoenix lacks Arizona  brewed high strength beer in large format bottles. A few examples come to mind of course. Papago has Oude Zuipers, a Belgian Golden,  in an attractive cage and cork 750mL bottle  and there is Sonoran with its Inebriator and Old Saguaro. Zuipers is a one off contract brew from Van Steenburgen. Outside of Tops Liquor and select retail locations, I can only recall seeing Inebriator on tap at The Main Ingredient (thoughtfully paired with ice cream).

October 1, 2010

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

Where will you be when you realize that we let this one slip away?

For some of us it'll be around 6PM on Saturday when twitter will light with pictures of rare beers and tasting notes.

"A Bacon Brown!!! ... mmmm Bacon"
"Dogfish Head Namaste, bitches... oh and Bitches Brew bitches..."
"You can't get that in this state. Where are you?"
"#beerforbrains Dumbass"
Or maybe on Sunday during the football games there will be a collective head slapping moment on the couch with Facebook open and galleries of Maryland Crab Cakes paired with witbier, seeing one of the last kegs of locally brewed GABF medal winning Motley Brue drained and people dancing awkwardly with beer tasters to eclectic bands like The Bad Cactus Brass Band or The Greyhounds.
Bad Cactus Brass Band